The Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

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Maybe you are using your GoDaddy promo code for WordPress hosting at the moment, and you want to change that to managed WordPress hosting. Or you simply want to use managed WordPress hosting from the word go. Whatever your reason is, you need to put into perspective various issues which will ensure that you put to good use the various GoDaddy coupons available. Here, we focus on the pros and cons of using managed WordPress hosting. From this article, you will be able to make the decision you are finding difficult with making.



The advantages with this service include –

Always updated: with this service, everything will be updated at all times without eh need to lift a finger. Without the managed hosting, your GoDaddy promo code will only allow you as much as the web hosting service. With the managed account, however, everything will be kept up to date including the themes, plugins and just about anything that needs to be kept up to date. It is actually a better use of the GoDaddy promo code compared to having to manage the WordPress hosting service on your own as it may get hectic.

Optimization of speed: if you want to have the best speeds on your blog, then you need not look further than this service. Your GoDaddy coupons receive the best use of this service as it will ensure you customers receive the fastest-loading website experience ever. The manager of this service put to good use the GoDaddy promo code by updating every aspect of the website to ensure that it is running on the very latest of speed optimization capabilities. One needs to have a website that runs as fast as possible to avoid losing customers.

Provides backups: the provision of backups ensures that whatever you have done to your site since you made use of that GoDaddy promo code does not get lost over a glitch or a hack. With managed WordPress hosting, your data on the website is backed up on a daily basis. For this reason, you are on the safe side knowing your data is safe each time you improve it. With most GoDaddy coupons offering the ability to build beautiful websites filled with handy features, you need not worry about losing anything when it comes to managed WordPress hosting.

Customer support: with managed WordPress hosting services, one gets the very best of customer support. While normal GoDaddy coupon codes will earn you the usual customer service which is but basic, managed WordPress hosting will offer specific serviceswhich will benefit the user. Better yet, the customer support will be designated to helping you hence making the service more personalized and customizable. Combine this aspect with a GoDaddy promo code, and you have the best web hosting service anyone can wish for. When the website goes haywire, and one is in need of professional support, there is no better one than having managed web hosting.

Best security: the managed WordPress hosting account has many advantages one of which is the high level of security which goes into the account. GoDaddy coupons that utilize this form of security go a long way in keeping their data safe and secure from hackers and malware. The result is that the GoDaddy coupon code receives benefits from keeping the account secure and accessible by the users at all times. Trying to provide the security yourself will be a headache since you must have opened the website or online service with the aim of providing services not wasting time on security issues.

Saves time: the time spent on managing the platform is shaved off as one does not need to understand anything about how the basics of the program are. For example, they need not worry about the coding or security or the updates needed to have the best experience. All the customer needs to know is that everything is being taken care of by the managing team. This saves time given that the customer will focus on the purpose of their website rather than how it works and why it works the way it does.



Among the cons noted with managed WordPress hosting are the following –

Too costly: the benefits outlined above come with a very steep fee for most managed WordPress hosting services. The price may start at $30 each month to hundreds of dollars depending on the services being offered, the traffic on the website and the size of the website. However, most websites can afford this price given that they generate way beyond the fee needed. Customers should be aware of the fact that more costly services do not necessarily mean better service given that most firms may not offer the services they advertise well.

Little control over the account: the packages offered for this type of service is meant to ensure that you only focus on the delivery of the services on your end and leave everything else to the technical team. This takes away a lot of the control that the customer has over their website including choosing whether or not to update certain parts of the website. The good news is that the technical team always tests any items and updates for quality before adding to the website. One need not worry about the little control given up.