Reviewing GoDaddy’s Microsoft Office 365

The modern business requires making decisions based on verifiable information and in a short while. One of the best tools to be used is cloud computing and web hosting. GoDaddy, one of the best web hosting services on the planet, offers business users GoDaddy coupons which can be used to access Microsoft Office 365 which has a suite of applications meant to aid in the decision-making process. With a GoDaddy renewal coupon, one can access the Microsoft Office 365 suite of apps in various packages all of which are reviewed in the sections below.



A GoDaddy renewal promo code allows the user to have Microsoft Office 365 in various plans namely Online Essential, Business, and Business Premium. The lastpackage comes with a free GoDaddy Office 365 email address.

  • Online Essentials:his set makes use of GoDaddy coupons by allowing the user to have access to the online versions of PowerPoint, Excel and Word and other apps in the suit. One also gets a secure online storage disk of 1TB size and an email address in your firm’s address name. The plan can be accessed for as low as $6.99 for each user each month.
  • Business Plan: for this suit, a typical GoDaddy renewal coupon will allow the individual have both desktop and online versions of Microsoft Publisher, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel and Word besides other types of apps. Each user needs to part with $7.99 each month to access this suit. The renewal fees are pegged at $9.99 each month. The advantage of making use of the GoDaddy renewal promo code and using it for this suit of apps is that the same apps can be accessed on smartphones and other gadgets such as tablets provided they are permitted to run Microsoft Office apps.
  • Business Premium Plan: for this type of plan, the user has access to various tools which make it the best use of the many available. Besides the online access of all Microsoft Office apps, this suit also allows the user to access the desktop versions of the apps but with an added advantage; the Office version for the desktop is the same one with Microsoft Office 2016 which has the best features. The same GoDaddy renewal coupon gives the user access to many features such as 1TB of online storage and comes at just $14.99 per month for each user.


All plans above share several features which make them better than any other suite of office applications. The features include -

    • Online Microsoft Office Versions:with the right GoDaddy renewal promo code, one can make use of the online versions of these apps namely Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and more. With this suit of apps, the user can use the apps anywhere and on as many devices as they require. The GoDaddy coupons that allow for the access to this suit of apps ensure that the user can access the apps in a short period of time and without any delays.
    • Around the Clock Expert Support: being in possession of the right GoDaddy renewal coupon will ensure that the user has the best support no matter the time they encounter the problem. The provider of the support services is none but GoDaddy whose services are among the best in the industry. Having the right GoDaddy renewal promo code will ensure that the best company in web hosting takes care of all the technical hitches and hurdles one would run into while using this suit of apps.
    • Enough and Secure Online Storage for Files and Other Documents:the benefit of using Microsoft Office 365 is that all documents should be accessed from anywhere. For this reason, the user has up to 1TB of storage which is more than most people would need since most documents take but a few megabytes of space. In case, say, the computer fails due to a crashed hard disk or a virus infects the files, the online versions will be ready to keep the firm running without a hitch. Also, the online storage allows for real time collaboration on the files to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
    • Great spam filters and data security
    • 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
    • Shared online calendars.


There are various advantages with this suit of software including -

  • Many options: all the suit come with a lot of options for the users including having the capability to add other pieces of software from GoDaddy such as Email Essential and the use of SkyDrive Pro.
  • Mobile capability: having an Office 365 account allows the user to use them on any gadget including those running Android, ios, Windows and just about any other platform.
  • Ease of installation: Office 365 is the easiest of the pieces of software to install as all that is needed is just a click of a button.
  • Affordable: with most perks being just about $10 per month, these packages are among the very best to use for office work.
  • Uniform experience across platforms: whether one is using this piece of software in a browser, a smartphone or computer, the look and feel are the same across all platforms.


The only problem noted is that GoDaddy offers the same suite of Microsoft Office apps at a higher price than what Microsoft itself charges.